UPDATE: 03/07/2022

Over the past year or so, I've been able to come up with two original copies of the Torn Flesh promotional photograph -- one signed by Aaron Brown and the other signed by Mike Holbrook.

UPDATE: 09/17/2017

I was recently contacted by a Christian music blogger who had received correspondence from Greg Hudson in 1990 very similar to what I had received in 1991. These letters, however, suggest two new possible titles for a follow-up album to Crux of the Mosh.

UPDATE: 02/03/2017

A copy of the Torn Flesh promotional photograph showed up on eBay but with a price tag far higher than I'm willing to pay. Either way, I swiped the image to share on this site. Same as with the t-shirt, and wristband, if you've got one of these you're willing to part ways with, please let me know!

UPDATE: 07/04/2016

Not a major update but an update nonetheless as I recently came across a few new images of the Love Kills leather wristband. As always, if you've got one of these you're willing to part ways with, please let me know!

UPDATE: 12/04/2015

At long last, after several years of keeping an eye on eBay for a copy, the Thrashin' EP surfaced! Knowing this was probably my one and only chance to get my hands on a copy, I bid high but wound up getting the tape for about what I expected to pay. Scans of the liner notes and the cassette itself have been added to the MUSIC section.

UPDATE: 11/20/2013

Took a few years for some new content to be added here, but I'm happy to have been contacted by Jim Brown who recently stumbled across this online nod to Torn Flesh. Jim kindly pointed me in the direction of some old snapshots and promo pics of the Torn Flesh guys back in their heyday. A few of the pictures are scattered throughout the site but you can check them out on the IMAGES page.

UPDATE: 03/02/2010

I was recently contacted through this site by a relative of Greg Hudson. He was kind enough to answer several of my questions about Torn Flesh and was able to provide a bit of disappointing information about the Road Kill project. According to this source: "I asked [Greg] about Road Kill and unfortunately all songs were written and rehearsed but never recorded except for a few practice sessions which he says are long gone."

He did go on to suggest that some of the other band members may still have some of these tapes but he was not sure. I will continue to hold on to my small bit of hope that those tapes are still around somewhere...

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