Eat and Run

From Love Kills

Another Bible study -- getting spritually fed
Digging into the Word -- Doing what Jesus said
We're eating -- we're eating studying His word
We're running -- we're running to people
So He can be heard

Eat and run, eat and run
Eat the word
Eat and run, eat and run
Run and tell
Eat and run, eat and run
About His love
Eat and run, eat and run
Escape from Hell

Jesus is the bread of life that never
Will go stale
Put your faith in His hands
And you will never fail
Start eating -- start eating dig into His word
Run and tell, run and tell
Others what you have learned

Read the Holy Bible
Starting the day off right
Becoming spiritually strong ready for Satan's fight
We're eating, we're eating, memorizing His word
We're running, we're running
Keeping other from getting burned

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