Fire Escape

From Crux of the Mosh

Temperature's rising out of our control
In this age of sin, the world turns
Hate and violence in our face
Humanity changing from things once learned

The fire is getting higher
The end of time draws near
We keep our hopes in the future
As Satan is sneaking in the rear

It will pass away
See the light, escape this land
It will all pass away
Take his hand, you're in his plan
It will all pass away
Break away, take Jesus's hand
It will alll BURN!

Changing lifestyles and morals
What was wrong now is right
In the grip of humanistic rulers
Who follow an artificial light

Jesus is the only Fire escape
From drastic infernal despair
As eyes follow the world
You wander in Satan's lair

Can you feel the temperature rising
The oceans begin to boil
Getting hotter and hotter
Frying vegetation and soil

With only one way out
Please don't wait too long
It is time for Jesus to return
You won't want to be the one wrong

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