From Love Kills

Fetch, sit, roll over
Commands we often give
To a God so almighty
Who shows us how to live

Heel, Play dead, beg
We treat him like a dog
Thinking we control the leash
Of a holy living God

He gives us the very best
As we pet Him on our laps
But all He gets from us are
Leftover table scraps

Who is serving who
In this world of give and take
All eyes will be on Him
When the earth begins to shake

He is Man's best friend
His love is there for you
We ignore his call
And kick Him, Kick Him with a shoe

Snap your fingers and whistle
Expecting Him to run
Forgetting who He is
He is God's begotten Son

Fetch, sit, rollover
Commands we often give
To a God so almighty
Please teach us how to live.


Also appears on Crux of the Mosh as "Man's Best Friend."

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