How Do You Feel?

From Love Kills

People dying on the streets
Junkman scraping food to eat
Neighbor committed suicide --
Relatives are dying inside
Wars and rumors of war
What are you alive for

Don't you care if they are free
Why don't you tell them all about Me
Why do you just sit there and let it be
How do you feel

Babies facing death
Killed and slain before death
Disease and hunger worldwide
People are dying inside
You don't even lend a hand
You worship your favorite rock band

Junk and sin to T.V.
Everyone is ignoring me
Children are on drugs no kisses no hugs
I love you can't you see
When will you come to Me

The world is full of hate
Please see it is not too late
You ignore My love as you push and shove
You have a heart full of rust
You have a heart full of lust

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