Innocent Eyes

From Crux of the Mosh

Children are playing in the street
Running and screaming in bare feet
Children are learning in Sunday School
All about Jesus and the golden rule
Children are happy and safe in bed
Mom and Dad are happily wed
Happy baby being spoon-fed
Patted on the back, placed into bed
Kids spending money to see the movie flick
A comedy, drama, or whatever they pick
Twinkle, twinkle, you're a movie star
Until you get dumped out of someone's car

Children are begging on the street
just for a penny for some food to eat
Children are buying drugs to get high
Learning to live in a cheap lie
Children in boxes along the road
Hating parents couldn't handle the load
Infant screaming as the doctor kills
Because the women forgot her pills
Kids making money in the porno scene
Witnessing a life so rugged and mean
Children are missing and often found dead
Torn apart, tortured, and kicked in the head

Jesus loves the little children
Red and yellow, black and white
Jesus loves the little children
Bring them all ilnto His light

(Time to mosh)

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