Kill the Dead

From Crux of the Mosh

It's another day
The routine is in play
Late to bed, early to wake
But you never pray

A heart so dead
It's beginning to smell
A stench so sour
On the edge of hell

Kill the dead
Kill the dead
Kill the dead part of your life
Open your heart to the love of Christ
Let Jesus cure your heart decay
Kill the dead so you can live
Get your new life, start today
Kill the dead
Kill the dead
Kill the dead
Kill the dead

Your dead heart is pumping
Life fluid every hour
With a life without Christ
Your purpose won't endower

A decision you must make
To kill the dead within
Ask Jesus to take over
And fight off deadly sin

Now you know the penalty
The wages of sin is death
The air that fills your lungs
Could be your last breath

Is your heart in shape
To stand face to face?
A judgement day is near
For all the human race

If sin lives in you
like cancer it will spread
It must be your choice
Be strong and kill the dead

Don't wait another day
Listen to what I say
Give your life to Jesus
Kill the dead today.

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