Love Kills

From Thrashin' EP and Love Kills

God created the earth He also created man
We threw it back in His face so He came to visit this land
A baby grew into a young man...Jesus is His name
He healed the sick opened blind eyes and also healed the lame
His love was all around as He preached by sea and hills
If you could see His way you would know that love kills

He had nails driven through His limbs
On display on Calvaray Hill
He suffered He bled as people witnessed how
Love kills
For God so loved the world
His only Son he gave
To die and live again for you
He wants to save

His love for us so great withstood all test and fire
As He stood there in court before a blasphemous trial
Crucify was the call as his flesh was ripped away
Crucify was the call for you, His life He did lay
He was beaten blood splattered with chunks of skin haning loose
He withstood the pain and suffered deadly abuse
Love kills

Love kills a heart so torn and creates a new start
It is up to you today to let Jesus in your heart
Torn flesh, intense pain, He did it just for you
Jesus is the key to life
Take it and start anew

Love kills so that you can live!

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