New Volume Zone

From Love Kills

We play our music for the One
Who said let there be light
We play our music for our Father
And we are going to do it right
God's love is at maximum level
His decibles are calling you
It is either His way or no way
Get out of this filthy zoo

Welcome to the new volume zone
Our music isn't a sin
We are living in the new volume zone
We have God's love within

Their music is in your ears
Their tunes are in your head
But our music aims for the heart
Our message is Spirit led
The new volume zone more than just a sound
The new volume zone yeah you can be found

Our music is intense and it is loud
The message is straight
We are begging you right now to live
Before it is too late
No matter what you have done or what you are doing now
God will forgive you
Are you willing to lay it all down

We have God's love within

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