No Surfin' in Hell

From Thrashin' EP and Love Kills

Is your life a beach
Well if it is built on the sand
It will all wash away unless
It is in Jesus hand
You think of life as one big party
That goes on for 24 hours a day
Hey you don't know what living is
Until you choose God's way

Nooooo surfin'
No surfin'
No surfin' in hell
No surfin'
No surfin'
No surfin' in hell
No fun no games you had better make a change
Because there is not surfin' in hell

Jesus offers life to you
Stop and take time to see
This world is all going to melt away
Oh but yes you can be free
Freedom from anguish and pain
Freedom from chains of sin
Choose Jesus Christ right now
And let your life begin

You have heard it before
Now it is in your face
Heaven or hell, up or down
Satan or God's grace
Like a splinter in your skin
It feels good to get it out
You can get rid of sin
Because in Jesus there is no doubt

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