Torn Flesh (Crux of the Mosh)

From Crux of the Mosh

In this land of the lost
We are forced to dwell
There is only one escape
From an eternal hell

Fresh blood was spilt
From someone more than a man
Jesus Christ is the preserver
From a barren wasteland

God sent his Son
To live while on earth
It is now up to you
To claim your second birth

From His head to His toe
With massive blood flow
His death was not in vain
He does forever reigh

A sacrifice of love
God became his created
to save humanity
He was an object to be hated

Naked on public display
With spikes through His hands and feet
His flesh was mutilated
Treated like a piece of meat

With pain so intense
Lungs gasping for breath
Soldiers spat on Him
And mocked Him until death

Thorns pricking His brow
Razor slash in his side
Fresh blood dripping from His feet
Jesus violently died

Alive three days later
before ascending to His throne
Christ said, "Tell everyone the good news
And lead many people home."

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