The Ultimate Finale

From Crux of the Mosh

You're being led astray
From what life is all about
with your colors and signs
And a war cry shout

Another victim bleeding
On the streets of L.A.
Satan is pulling the strings
And you follow his evil way

You fight for no reason
And you'll never see the end
Violence, death, mutilation
And hate become your friend

Lay your weapons down
And open your heart to this:
Jesus' love conquers anything
Without even making a fist

Crack and prostitutes
Peddle your life income
Another shot is fired
Another life is gone

Your wars are going strong
and results are very small
A piece of concrete to claim
Your pride is before the fall

Loading up your guns
Sharpening your knives
WIth no care at all
of other people's lives

Innocent lives are taken
You don't seem to care
With no emotion at all
Your love is very rare

You fight for no reason
And you'll never see the end
Unless you open up
And let Jesus be your friend

It is the ultimate finale
To give God your soul
Ask Him into your heart
To take complete control

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