World Pollution

From Crux of the Mosh

A chemical spill
Is in the land
Spewing from the heart
Of a self righteous man
Noah built the ark
And God cleaned the earth
But look at it now
What is it worth?
We protest about smog
Fog and other junk
But what about crack
and getting drunk?

It's all world pollution
It will all need to change
Starting with your heart
That you need to rearrange

It's all world pollution
So don't you complain
If you keep ignoring God
Then your life's stained

Is it the soap operas you like
With the soap ads you see
Faces buried in the T.V.
You follow their destiny
The clothes these days
Leave nothing left to guess
Is that a long tailed shirt,
Or a short mini dress?
We say we're God's children
But we need our diapers changed
Cheap perfume and incense
To cover up the pains

The poison in the music
Is a racious Motley Crue
The Venom from the Whitesnake
Will Slay yer heart in two
Grim Reaper is slipping in
Like a WASP bite from below
Running like a Ratt
A Wasted Life on Skid Row
A chemical spill is in the land
Spewing from the heart
Of the American plan.

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