You Are Not Alone

From Love Kills

Out on the streets or bored to death at home
You feel and uneasy feeling you are not alone
Is your life in an emotional decay and not
Sure of the next day -- Hey you are not alone
Now listen to what I say

Don't sit there holding that blade guns or pills
Thinking that your life is no fun
Your life may be messed up but
God can change the damage done

There is a family of love with outstretched hands
Reaching out to you
With love all over this land
You are not alone -- There are people who care
We love you and God loves you
Even when life doesn't seem fair

You are not alone when friends let you down
Jesus is more than a friend
Let Him turn your life around
At times does your life seem like a wrong
Number on the telephone
There is a great love telling you
That you are not alone

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