Party Naked Tract


It's party time on planet Earth. But how long will this party last. Get your kegs. Get your drugs and hide them from the cops. Put em in your car trunk, under your seat or in a cola can. No one will know but you & of course, a loving, caring God who is anxious for you to give Him a chance.

Party naked! God says that nothing is hidden from His sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before his eyes. You must give an account to him sooner or even sooner. (Hebrews 4:13)

Life is fun. Life is fast. Life is exciting. But there is no life until you accept it from the one who made life, "God." God wants your life to be given over to Him. Without His life in you, you are a living dead person. God sees you and every move you make. Nothing is hidden from his sight. Go ahead and party but you will do it naked in front of God. Jesus Christ, God's son, died as a human sacrafice so that you can be set free. But free from what. You like to party, you like the drugs, you like the free sex. You like the attention, you like the friends. But what is life? What is death, What is beyond death, Heaven or Hell? It is your choice. We want to help -- Call or write Torn Flesh -- A Christian Punk Band ********, Chesapeake Ohio 45619


Received in a March 1991 mailing from Greg Hudson.

The back of the envelope indicates a new album in the works titled Road Kill. ("Look for our new album this fall called: 'Road Kill.'")

Also included in this mailing was a copy of a caricature drawing of Greg Hudson.

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